NASF Washington Forum

April 19-21, 2016

Washington D.C.

Rep. Adam Schiff to Speak at Washington Forum

You Are the Voice of Our Industry

As the surface technology industry looks toward the future, new policy developments are emerging that will significantly impact the manufacturing value chain and finishing operations. The 2016 NASF Washington Forum is your opportunity to gain valuable insights into the regulatory, legislative and legal challenges ahead for the finishing industry and manufacturing. The Forum will provide participants with invaluable knowledge and the chance to shape outcomes on the issues with the option of taking the industry's message directly to regulators and lawmakers in Washington.

Valuable Insights. Great Opportunity.

Every year, there are numerous, pending regulatory, legislative and legal actions that will have a high impact on manufacturing overall and the finishing industry. Participants of this year's Washington Forum will receive current, in-depth updates on prevailing topics and more, followed by an opportunity to spend a day on Capitol Hill meeting with Senators, Representatives, and senior congressional staff to discuss the future of the surface finishing industry and the future of your business.

Insider Keynote

Stuart Rothenberg, Founding Editor and Publisher of the Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report, a political columnist for Roll Call and one of the nation's most popular political analysts, will be a highlight of the 2016 Washington Forum as the Luncheon Keynote Speaker. Mr. Rothenberg gives insightful commentary on election results, the issues facing decision makers on Capitol Hill, and the nature of politics itself. His lectures are as up-to-date as today's newspaper, and he presents his insider views on hotly debated issues and how the future of politics is being shaped by our nation's current newsmakers.

In addition to commentary that has been featured in newspapers throughout the country, Rothenberg also writes a column in Capitol Hill's Roll Call twice a week, and his op-eds have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and other newspapers.

His expertise has made him a frequent guest on the network television news circuit, where he has appeared on Meet the Press, TODAY, This Week, Face the Nation, Nightline, and The McLaughlin Group. In 2008 and 2010, he was a regular contributor during the election cycles to PBS NewsHour, and in 2006, he served as a political analyst for CBS News. Before that, he served as a CNN political analyst for more than 10 years, which included extensive on-air election night analysis. He has also served as a political analyst for the Voice of America.

Rothenberg holds a BA from Colby College in Waterville, Maine, and a PhD from the University of Connecticut. He has taught political science at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, and at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. Rothenberg has been speaking to audiences around the country for more than a decade, and helping people identify and better understand political trends.